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Original Minds™ is a mastermind for creative business owners who want to double their profit and impact each year, while doing cool stuff with amazing people.

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You're a bit crazy. So are we.
Meet your other family.

Normal is not a word that describes you well. You don't even like the word, do you? You're an original mind. When original minds meet, great things happen.

Original Minds™ is for "the crazy ones", people who dream big, have unrealistic goals, and want to defy the odds.
Connect and support each other through quarterly live events, weekly virtual gatherings, an online community, and ongoing accountability, coaching, and support.

We're for business owners that want to build 7+-figure service businesses. We'll show you how to get there.

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Meet your guide and get to grips with our battle-tested systems & strategies.


Original Minds™ is designed to provide you with the mindset shifts, confidence, strategies, tools, training, coaching, support, and accountability you need to build your dream business.

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What's Included?

Membership only through application and assessment call. In-person events don't include travel and lodging.

Unlimited Growth

We’re committed to helping you become unlimited and realize your wildest dreams. Although we don’t have a set agenda, we have these goals for you. 

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Transition from maxed-out operator to wealth-building business owner

One of the biggest pain points plaguing business owners is that their business rests more or less completely on them for everything. We’ll help you shift your mindset and identity, so you can build a business and life focusing on what you want the most. 

Leverage strategy for higher profitability and faster growth

In today’s world, opportunities are everywhere, and everyone wants your attention. But unless you are careful, they turn into distractions that make your business mediocre. We’ll show you how to leverage your time and your business to the max by making smart strategic choices.

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Turn your company into a profit-making machine

To make your business work (without you as the bottleneck), you need a Growth Engine built on simple, solid systems. We’ll help you build the three core areas that matter most; Proposition, Acquisition, and Delivery. With a strong operating system, you became scalable, (scale-able), and you’re ready to fire off those engines for unlimited growth.

Expand your mindset & identity

Start thinking bigger and bolder, expand your mindset and identity. Become the person you need to be to achieve your wildest dreams. 

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Original Minds ™ covers a variety of sought-after subjects such as...

Expanding Beliefs and Actions, Brand Positioning, Differenciation, Brand Consultancy, Your Total Offering, Sales & Marketing, Productization, Pitching, Brand Mastery, Systems & Operations, Internal Culture, Conversion Tactics, Money Making Moves and so much more.

We're for the dreamers and the crazy ones

Entrepreneurs are dreamers and the creators of the world. I believe we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to move the world forward, to spread new ideas that make the world better, our world, and the world at large. Have you ever wished you had a "second family", a group of like-minded, growth-minded entrepreneurs who supported your big vision and helped you realise even your wildest dreams? I know I have.

I founded Original Minds™ on the idea of connecting "the crazy ones" - highly ambitious, visionary entrepreneurs who want to create impact beyond themselves. With strategies, methods, experiences and wisdom accumulated over more than 20 years and dozens of millions in revenue accumulated, we're committed to making your entrepreneurial dream a reality.

They may say we're dreamers, they may call us the crazy ones, but we both know, entrepreneurship is not a choice for us. It's a way of life. Let's make it a brilliant one.

Tobias Dahlberg / Founder

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Tobias Dahlberg | Founder | The Simple Company®

Get Ready To Go Further, Faster.

Join this exclusive membership for professional growth-minded entrepreneurs who want to it all.

Profile Marty N

Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful.

Marty Neumeier
Author - The Brand Gap, ZAG, The Brand Flip, The Designful Company, Metaskills, Scramble

What People Say


"If business was a mullet, I’d be the party in the back. So when I decided to launch a brand-new business all by myself, I was completely overwhelmed. Thankfully, the algorithm gods sent me an ad for The Future Academy, because I never could have done it without them. They helped me get crystal clear on my offering, my ideal customer, and develop both short term and long term strategies. They replaced overwhelm and doubt, with simplicity and confidence. They guided me through a launch that was more successful than I every could have imagined, and continue to be my secret weapon of growth. Thanks to The Future Academy, I’m now the full mullet—business upfront, party in the back.”​

Jason Bagley
Former Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Founder of The Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits​

I have known and worked with Tobias Dahlberg for more than a decade, and it would be hard to find a more clear-eyed strategic thinker. He always focuses on helping clients build extraordinary businesses with engaging experiences for their customers. If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, you should get to know Tobias.

Joseph B. Pine II
Co-Author - The Experience Economy, Authenticity, Mass-Customization

Leading a service business (in my case, a strategic process consultancy) is increasingly complex. It can be difficult to get out of one's own way! Tobias and his team - through a highly structured, fast paced process - bring clarity, focus, and a step-by-step, no-nonsense way forward to expert businesses. Working quickly, they bring deep experience, a fresh and highly practical perspective, and an obvious care for their clients. They get my full endorsement.

Collin Campbell

I cannot rave enough about Tobias! I knew I wanted to work a brand strategist, who wouldn't right, but Tobias's knowledge and experience of brand strategy is so comprehensive, that's why he's able to produce a program of this standard. His one product, one outcome strategy will transform your business if you follow it through. It's given me immense focus. Plus he's a super nice guy and so helpful .

United Kingdom

We highly recommend The Simple Company! After we were referred to Tobias and The Simple Company, we reached out. The entire experience was beyond our expectations as we have worked with other companies to help us focus on a solution that we could scale. Tobias has insight, clarity and a methodology that is so wise and insightful and simple! We would highly recommend working with him if you want to challenge your assumptions and grow an idea into something real!

Sam Glatzer

Tobias is one of the most amazing entrepreneurs I know to work with. No matter what you want to achieve, he’s always supportive of your vision and has every desire to help you see it through to fruition. A true entrepreneur at heart, he’ll stop at nothing to support you in what you want to achieve and gives his time, effort, and energy toward that end. His knowledge base and experience speaks for itself.”

Sallie Keys

Working with The Simple Company was a great experience - you can really tell how much they care and want you to succeed. Their whole team has a ton of knowledge on how to start and scale your business. Even though this was a group coaching dynamic, the coaches were always available to meet one-on-one and dive deeper into our own individual challenges. I would confidently recommend The Simple Company to anyone interested in reaching the next level in their business!

Brenden Melanson

Love it. This course helps you to structure all the different thoughts and ideas that pass by. Seeing a structure and literally building your brand identity gives you energy and confidence.

The Netherlands

Best investment I've made! I was able to charge 4x more. I was a student in the PowerPlay™ program with Tobias, Michelle, and the entire The Simple Company team. I can confidently say it's the best investment I've made in my business. I run a small design studio in Brazil, and thanks to all the knowledge I got with the program, I could close clients demanding much higher prices in less than 2 months after joining. I can't recommend these guys enough.

Lucas Flach

Ever wonder why thing doesn't work out for you and your business? How is it that you struggle year out and year in with poor results? Learn from Tobias, one of the best in the game, and then change that once and for all. You won't be disappointed.


I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! I took part in the Beta™ program and it has made such a difference to our business. Within a few months, we gained clarity and confidence and managed to get our processes in place and increase our prices. Tobias, Michelle and the whole community have been so supportive and inspiring throughout our journey. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Kate Volika

We've never felt more aligned with our business or on track to achieve everything we want. Investing in working with Tobias and Michelle is not something you'll regret.

Late last year, my business partner and I joined the Certified Brand Consultant & BETA program and were delighted to come away with a completely transformed business.

Our biggest takeaway was the epiphany that we could niche down our target audience even further than we already had and that taking a risk and fully aligning our business to our passion was worth it.

By really diving deep into who we are and who we want to work with, we identified a big gap in the market and set ourselves up to fill it - which is so exciting and has opened up so many doors.

We've never felt more aligned with our business or on track to achieve everything we want. Our clarity and confidence are through the roof and we're well on our way to creating the business, life and world of our dreams.

We highly recommend Tobias and Michelle's talent, passion and dedication to anyone ready to transform their business. Doing the work will challenge you and push you into uncharted waters, but if you come into it all with the determination to make things better and a readiness to do the work, you will not be disappointed in the results.

Natalie & Brandyn

Go for it, you won’t regret it! After following Tobias for a few months, I took part in the BETA program. It’s been a very interesting and transformative journey with unexpected outcomes.

BETA helped me to rethink and refocus who my ideal client is and what I can and should offer them. It helped me to explore beyond what I thought I should do with my knowledge and years of experience.

I ended up creating a program to help people in the situation I was in 5/10 years ago. Something I wouldn’t have contemplated before BETA. It added an extra revenue stream to my design studio and is turning into a new exciting venture which I’m looking forward to grow.

The program also helped me to get clarity on the business engine of my studio. I now feel more in control and better at sales (without feeling like I’m selling!). Tobias and Michelle know what they doing. They both have a huge amount of experience. They go deep, they push when needed, their advice are always gold and the techniques they teach are powerful. And more importantly they care, always making sure their clients succeed.

I was so pleased that I even enrolled in a second program, Power Play! Go for it, you won’t regret it.

David Tanguy
United Kingdom

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