Original Minds

The collective for the world's best small agencies and consultancies.

We bring together forward-thinking agencies and consultancies from different verticals and markets to collaborate, grow, and transform client businesses through our Boundless™ model. 

We offer owners and their teams a powerful growth accelerator and community that enables them to expand their impact and grow their revenues and profits exponentially.   


The escalating complexity and rapid change in the world surpass the capacity of any single firm’s ability to understand, navigate, and lead the transformative shifts companies need today.

The challenges confronting companies and their consulting and agency partners have shifted from singular to multidimensional, complex, and systemic.

We believe the agency best positioned to help clients transform their business today is not any one agency but an ecosystem of agencies, consultancies, clients, and customers co-creating and collaborating dynamically with agility and flexibility. 

By bringing together a broader set of perspectives, expertise, skills, and experience than any single agency, we can provide clients with both deep expertise and broad, big-picture, end-to-end solutions. 

Original Minds™ is the world’s leading collective of progressive agencies and consultancies that together solve complex business problems through multi-disciplinary teams, delivered through one seamless client experience.

Where individual companies are held back by exploiting their limited resources, our resources and potential is limitless.

We’re not defined by any single person or company. We’re defined by our ability to draw from the boundless, collective creative power of us all.  

Together, we can make big things happen. 

Tobias Dahlberg
Founder & CEO

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A Boundless™ Model

Agencies and consultancies mostly exploit their own resources for value creation and profit. This limits their business model and makes it hard to grow and scale.

Imagine a model with near-infinite leads, offerings, and resources at your disposal. Imagine having a business development team working alongside you to drive revenue growth and reduce your costs.
By sharing resources and collaborating within the collective, you can expect to drive significantly faster profit growth, while also accessing global markets and connecting with amazing people.

The collective works as a monthly membership service for its members. You can also join as an equity-member and join a big exit in a few years.

How it works

The collective is managed and orchestrated through a business development company that provides members with a broad range of services, ranging from client acquisition, collaborations, consulting and training, integrated back-end systems, and administrative services. Some of the main benefits are highlighted below. 



We not only help you implement and supercharge your client acquisition, you also have access to cross-selling, co-pitching, and many other client acquisition strategies and resources.

By aligning with other members, you can collectively expand your market reach. This means access to new clients, industries, and geographical regions that may have been challenging to access individually.

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Our Boundless™ Model allows you to tap into a vast network of resources, meaning you can optimize your costs and plug into a broad range of offerings and expertise when you need them.

With shared business development and administration services, you'll save operating costs and increase your profits.

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With all the benefits of the collective and growth accelerator combined, you will be able to leverage the power of revenue growth and cost savings simultaneously.
A mere 33% growth in revenue combines with 10% in cost savings will more or less double your profits.

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Combining the strengths of multiple agencies allows for a more diversified offering and brand. This can attract a broader client base seeking comprehensive solutions and expertise across various marketing disciplines.

You have the option of approaching clients through your own company and brand, or as the collective brand with a broader range of services and resources.

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Dreaming of an office in London? Or Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Amsterdam or Berlin?

Although we live in a "remote world", locality matters. Why not team up with a member in your desired location and share office space and get introduced to new clients?

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By joining a global tribe of original minds with boundless perspectives, capabilities and expertise, you'll supercharge your company's skills.

Through regular get togethers, shared learning and events, we're creating a global family you'll hopefully never want to leave.

Supercharge your agency's growth by leveraging a global network of original minds, boundless opportunities, offerings, and resources, all at your fingertips.

By uniting behind one collective brand and network, you'll differentiate your brand and offering, while you'll be able to sell more services to more clients, at lower costs.


Multiply your Growth

Your membership extends beyond the community. Every week, we provide you with ideas, strategies, and tactics for growing your company and profits.
We've already helped hundreds of owners grow and transform their companies, and with decades of experience building professional service firms, our experts work with you to grow your revenues, profits, and valuation.

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Growth Strategy

We audit your business, then help you create a clear, detailed strategy and game plan for profit growth.

Business Model & Pricing

Change or add business models and pricing strategies to drive higher predictability and profitability.

Client Acquisition & Sales Management

We help you design and implement structured client acquisition strategies, processes, and lead your sales efforts to multiply your revenues.

Accountability & Tracking

Work with our consultants and coaches to set a higher standard, take massive action and track results to optimize your resources.

Offer Design & Productization

We help you design high-converting offerings and build an offer suite that keeps clients buying longer.

Client Retention

Maximize your profits by keeping your clients coming back longer by implementing our client retention strategies.

Systems & Operation

We help you systematize your business by designingand implementing simple processes and SOP's.

Profit Optimization

We help you increase your margins and reduce operating costs through small, incremental improvements that compound into massive profit growth.

Exit Strategy & Valuation

We help you make your business exit-ready and maximize the valuation by getting your house in order.

Financial Planning & Structuring

We can help you optimize your taxes and your bankable profits (U.S only for now).

Ongoing Membership Services

Weekly Growth Calls

Every week, we bring you strategies and tactics to help you grow. With several weekly calls, you’ll be equipped to grow exponentially. 

Implementation & Accountability

With a solid growth plan in place, we help you implement it by providing training, tools, tracking, and accountability. 

Tools & Resources

As a member, you’ll have access to tools and systems we’ve created to help you turn your business into a profit-making machine. 

Training & Guest Experts

Our goal is to help you grow the capabilities and skills of your team. We bring both internal and external experts to boost your business. 

Mastermind & Networking

You will be connecting with other owners and their teams as often as you want and create new opportunities. 

Community & Events

From Slack channels to CRM tools and networking events, we bring you closer to the community to enable boundless possibilities for you. 

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Simple Tools For Growth

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Growing your profits is simpler than you think. With the help of our methods, tools, and coaching, you'll reach further, faster.


Tobias Dahlberg

Tobias is the CEO and Founder of the Original Minds™ collective. He is is a strategist, entrepreneur, and investor. Tobias brings 15+ years of experience building and growing agencies and consultancies. He has worked for Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, and consulted dozens of blue-chip companies, as well as hundreds of business owners. He has been featured in Wallpaper Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Centurion, and Business Insider. Tobias lives in Boca Raton, FL and is originally from Helsinki, Finland.

Jason Bagley

Jason is the former ECD/CCO of Wieden+Kennedy Portland, and the founder of The Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits. Jason has been awarded for his work for clients such as Nike, Old Spice, KFC, Powerade, EA Sports, and Oreo. His work has been nominated for four Emmys and has won both the broadcast and digital Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, two D&AD Black Pencils and Best of Show at The One Show, The ADDYs and The Webbys.


Leon Lewis (ESQ, CPA) Leon is a recently retired partner from Deloitte. Leon specialized in business combinations and integration activities. His clients included the world’s largest automotive companies, large private equity funds and the most important social media companies. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for a large consumer products company. Leon is a graduate of the University of Michigan Ross Business School and the University of Michigan Law School. He also has a Masters Degree in Tax Law from Walsh College.
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Big Exit Opportunity

If your plan is to exit your company within the next few years, our Equity Membership plan offers you an unprecedented exit opportunity. By becoming an owner in the collective, you tap into the power of multiple arbitrage, which means you could exit at a price potentially 3-4x higher than you would get by exiting solo right now.

Inquire about our Equity Membership program, and we will share more about how this works.

Exit Strategy

From audit to valuation, due diligence, tax, and law, we help you prepare for one of the most significant financial events of your life.

Optimizing your Valuation

A lucrative exit comes with lots of preparation work. We work with you to prepare your company in a way that maximizes the exit value.

Selling your Company

Once it's time to sell, we take care of all the contracts, structuring, negotiations and selling for you. Freedom awaits.

The Path Forward


1. Join Growth Accelerator

Book a call and let's discuss your situation and goals. If it's a good mutual fit, we will first invite you to join our growth accelerator for a short trial period. Book a call below.

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2. Membership in Collective

We'll plug your business into shared tools, systems, resources and events, and train your company to leverage all the benefits of the accelerator and collective.

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3. Equity Membership & Exit (option)

We offer the chance for elite agencies and consultancies to join a roll-up exit in about three years. We expect you to get 3-4x more for your company compared to a solo exit.

We make business growth simple.

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