Build And Launch A Scalable Service Product In 30 Days.


Beta™ is a step-by-step offer design program for owners of service companies and professional service firms.

The best method for creating, selling, and validating a profitable, scalable service product.

The Problem

Running a service business should not feel like running a circus.

Is your business working for you, or are you working for your business?.

Owners of service companies often face challenges from lack of standardization and systemization, leading to excessive work, serving too many clients, creating too many different proposals, customizing their work and thereby failing to build a predictable, profitable business they can scale. We've been there, and we know it's not a great place. 

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The Solution

Build once.
Sell forever.

To make your service business predictably profitable and scalable, you need to treat it like a product business. With a simple, clear, and focused value proposition, delivered through a standardized method and process, you will be able to achieve predictability and profitability. Once you have validated your offering and you can rely on your key metrics, there is no limit to how much you can scale it. 

Beta Method.001

Simple like 1+2+3

Beta™ is a fast-paced offer design program where you join to research, create, and launch your service product in weeks, not months. We have designed the program to make it as fast and easy for you as possible. 

Follow our three-step formula that combines strategy, design thinking and lean start-up methods to help you quickly move from "the mystery" to "prototype", and validated service product. 

The Beta Method™ significantly increases your success rate, as you'll involve prospects and customers in the process. 

With a great, productized service offering you can start to shift your whole business to a better model, leaving you (the owner) with more money, more time, and freedom, while you have a more scalable business.

We'll lead you through three simple steps.
Build once, sell forever.


» Access to online training portal with videos and instructions
» Customized project management tool
» Private discussion channel for all participants
» Digital prototyping and offer design tools
» One weekly 90-minute coaching call (group)
» Ongoing support from dedicated coach



The first step is to clarify and to be crystal clear on a few things, so we set you up to succeed with productizing your offering, and getting you on the track to going further, faster.



You’ll create a simple prototype, consisting of a no-brainer value proposition, combined with your unique method for delivering value which will help your ideal customers move consistently from A to B.



The Multiply step within Beta™ is about exponentially growing your reach, leads, prospects, sales, delivery, and re-sales, by applying a few of dozens of proven strategies and tactics.

Book a call with us and we'll assess your situation and goals, and how you can best move toward your goals.

It's Simple.

Beta™ Reviews.

Brenden Melanson

"Working with The Simple Company was a great experience - you can really tell how much they care and want you to succeed. Their whole team has a ton of knowledge on how to start and scale your business. Even though this was a group coaching dynamic, the coaches were always available to meet one-on-one and dive deeper into our own individual challenges. I would confidently recommend The Simple Company to anyone interested in reaching the next level in their business!"

Kate Volika

"I took part in the Beta™ program and it has made such a difference to our business. Within a few months, we gained clarity and confidence and managed to get our processes in place and increase our prices. Tobias, Michelle and the whole community have been so supportive and inspiring throughout our journey. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”​

David Tanguy

"The program also helped me to get clarity on the business engine of my studio. I now feel more in control and better at sales (without feeling like I’m selling!). Tobias and Michelle know what they doing. They both have a huge amount of experience. They go deep, they push when needed, their advice are always gold and the techniques they teach are powerful. And more importantly they care, always making sure their clients succeed. I was so pleased that I even enrolled in a second program, Power Play! Go for it, you won’t regret it."​

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